My Family

So, if you’ve read my About Me page you know a little about me. You know that I am a stay at home mommy of 4 amazing children, but I thought I’d tell you a little more about myself and my family.

My two oldest are my boys, Rennie and Jullian. They are 11 and 9 respectively.My Family Boys Pic Image


Rennie is a rambunctious and energetic little man, with the attitude of a teenager. He likes to tell me regularly that he is NOT a kid anymore. Umm…excuuuse me?!…I disagree. Haha. He is insanely helpful around our home, he cleans, does the “man” duties when dad isn’t around and helps out with his oldest little sis more than I could ever ask. He is also LOUD, to the point of obnoxiousness sometimes. “I have a headache.” means talk louder, to him. He feels the need to agitate his little brother in ways that I didn’t think were possible coming from a child. He is excelled in mathematics and loves numbers, just like his mom! He really likes to come up with business plans for things. He’s come up with ideas for several different kinds of stores, restaurants, even a massage business.(This one stemmed from me asking him to rub my shoulders when I had a headache. I guess I inspire my children.)

Jullian is more laid back. He has those “forgetful” tendencies and tends to be more for lack of a better word, lazy about things. He loves to please, but could care less about the things he NEEDS to accomplish. Chores are not his forte and he usually only helps when he has to, unless it’s cooking or baking, this kid LOVES it! He is definitely more focused on tormenting his brother in a nonchalant type of way and over reacting to things. He is my creative. He loves to draw and is really good at it when he sets out on a mission to create. Him and Rennie both were in a ceramics class for a while, but Jullian was so much more interested. Undeniably though, this little boy is my most loving and affectionate, his hugs melt my heart.

Willow and Delilah are my girls. Willow is 3. Delilah is 3 months.My Family Girls Pic Image



Willow is, well my sister will probably punch me for this, or laugh hysterically in my face, but Willow is exactly like her. She has an attitude that only her family could fight through to love. I never thought I would end up with a little monster, being as I was a perfect child… WHAT? Ask my mom, I was!!! She doesn’t respond to discipline the way her brothers did, so I am having to learn a whole new way of doing things with her. She has an agenda and AGH! you better not get in her way. She is a total Sour Patch Kid. One minute she is pulling every piece of folded laundry off the bed when I am not looking, the next she is bringing them to me and helping me put them away. Awe, How Sweet!

Delilah is still to young to make any definitive conclusions about. As for now she is my sweet little bundle. She recently started to giggle and coo at everything. It’s SOOOO adorable.

My Family Tom Tawni pic 2


Tom, is my husband. He is supportive and loving, although he has a temper and can be a little hard to deal with at times, he is my rock. He has helped me through some really hard times and is my best friend.

Now me!! Mom of 4. Homeschool. Love to craft and organize and clean. (OK, maybe not LOVE to clean, but I am obsessive about it.) I worked for several years, then took some time off, then back to work for a bit, then finally decided just to be at home. I  feel like I work harder, being at home with 4 kiddos, than I ever did when I held a job, but I love it. (Most of the time. I will admit that I definitely feel the need for a mommy break at times.)  I love being able to see them accomplish things that I might have otherwise missed out on.

So now that you know more about me and my family, I’d love to get to know you a little better. Fell free to contact me via my Contact Form or even just comment below. Thanks for reading!





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