Setting Up Binders for Homeschool


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So I know I’ve mentioned it in some of my posts, but I lived in a small camper trailer for a while. Can you imagine 5 people plus 2 cats and 2 dogs all stuffed into such a small space?! Well, it happened. When we made this move I had to cut back to only the essentials, what we absolutely needed, one of those items was school stuff for the kids, but I had to figure out a way to cut back. I mentioned in Simplifying the Amount of Stuff You Use to Homeschool that one of the ways I did that was to use a binder system.

Each child has their own school binder.

I purchased 2-inch hard binders like these Amazon Basic 3 Ring Binders. I made stickers for the spines with their names so when they went on the shelf they could easily pull their own out without having to pull out the others.  These are easy to make using a basic word program and these MACO Full Sheet Labels. (I also use these to make all sorts of other stickers) If they wanted they could decorate a page to put in the front insert. Or it might be fun to just make an art project out of it. My oldest chose a piece of artwork that he had done previously, while my other son chose to make a new drawing with his name and a picture of him sitting at a desk doing work. Pretty cute right?

Each binder has several sections.

I used dividers like these Avery Dividers for each section. In our binders there are sections for their Planner, Math, English, Vocab, Reading Comprehension, Journaling, Writing Assignment, Spelling, Social Studies, Science, History, and Additional Subject (This is for whatever “Additional Subject” we might be doing for the quarter). I label each section with my label maker I use this Brother P-Touch one. I love my label maker!

At the beginning of each week (Sunday is my planning day) I make each child their planner page and put it in their binder. I also print off any worksheets they will be doing for the week and put them in the binders under the appropriate sections.

All my kids have to do, come Monday morning, is flip open their binder to see what needs to be done for the entire week and have access to most everything they need to accomplish it.

In addition to saving space, the binders make correcting and grading schoolwork convenient. All I have to do is open, flip to each section, and grade the work.

They also eliminate the inevitable loss of schoolwork, and I don’t just mean on the kid’s behalf. I do it too!! I don’t know how many times, before I set these up, I would get up from correcting schoolwork, only to go back and the paper I was just working on would be gone. Then after 10 minutes of looking I would find it in the bathroom, or a child’s bedroom, because without realizing it I had gotten up with it in my hand and set it down.

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