Making a Go-To List of Meals (includes a copy of my own list)

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Keeping a list of go-to meals is such a time and sanity saver when it comes to meal planning.

I remember when I first started planning my meals. I would sit down for at least an hour, flipping through cookbooks and racking my brain, just to come up with a few meals. Finally I came up with the idea to write down all the meals that I knew by heart and that my family really enjoyed.

Coming Up With The List

It’s a pretty simple task to make your own go-to list of meals. It actually took me about a week. I had started by sitting down and thinking, but I found my list came up short. Knowing that I knew how to cook way more meals than what I had written down I decided that I would just leave my notebook sitting open on the counter. I have my best ideas when I am doing other things and have found that the best ways to keep track of those ideas is to write them down immediately or I tend to forget. That is why I always have a pen and paper handy around my house. My though was that maybe if I just left my notebook out that I would think of more things and be able to get them written down. I was right. Even though it took a week until I was finally happy with the amount of stuff I had written down, it was worth it.

I typed out my list, printed it and put it in my binder, but found myself continuing to write things down. So, I devised a new list with added lines to allow me to add new things to my list as they came up, instead of a set list that I would probably have to redo every few months due to the amount of added script all over the page. Hahaha.

Making The List

My list is categorized by meat type. But you could do it by anything that works for you. Such as by culture (Italian, Irish, Mexican, etc. ) or how it is made (Slow cooker, Casseroles, Grill, etc. ). There are multiple ways you could organize it, but ultimately it’s your preference and whatever makes it easiest for you.

On my list I have Red Meat (beef and game meat), Red Meat Ground, Poultry (chicken and turkey), Pork, and Meatless. We’d have a seafood section but we don’t eat it, actually I should say I don’t eat it, due to an allergy, but I will occasionally make my husband some shrimp if he wants.

Under each of my categories I list every meal I can make using the “main” ingredient.

I like having my list categorized this way for a few reasons.

  1. I like to check over the weekly ads before I start my meal plan so, if ground beef is on sale that week, I will most likely plan more meals with ground beef.
  2. I like variety. Having them categorized this way allows me to choose a few of each type quickly

A little tip: Meatless meals are a money saver. If you can manage 1 or 2 a week, that is money in your pocket.

Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, and Desserts are listed under their own categories.

And there you have it. Pretty simple right?

This list has become my best friend as far as meal planning. Now every time I sit down make my meal plan I just open my binder and look over my list. Read my post on meal planning here.

As promised here is a copy of my Go To Meals Dinners  and Go To Meals BLS and Blank Go To Meals List to make your own.

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