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When I was pregnant with my first son I bought a baby book from the department store. I was so excited to use it. After he was born and as he got older I realized it just didn’t have everything that I wanted in a baby book and I ended up jotting little notes all over inside of it. When I got pregnant with my second child it took me forever to find a baby book that I thought would kind of work, I looked at every baby department of every department store we went to, even then I ended up writing all over inside of it.
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Years later when my third was born I decided to go a different route and just make my own. I used to do a lot of scrapbooking, I don’t know why I had never thought of doing this before. I recently started one for my youngest as well.

To start I figured I would use a smaller scrapbook. Probably an 8×8 or 6×6. I opted for the 6×6. But they are kind of hard to find. I purchases mine years ago during a closeout sale at an online retailer. This Pioneers Leatherette 8×8 in Navy or this one in Black from Amazon are pretty nice.

I looked over what I had kept track of for my older two and set out to make a list of my own outlining exactly what I wanted.

The first page…

A little note about how I found out I was pregnant and how I told dad.

The next few pages…

Significant events during pregnancy.

Here I go coming up with ideas as I’m typing this…

This could be things like first kicks, first ultrasounds, when you found out gender, scary parts, favorite parts, etc. I am really wishing now that I would have kept better track of some things while I was pregnant. Haha, oh well.

Next Pages…

About the parents pages. I did one for each of us.

It has our full names, our birthdates, our parents names, where we were born, where we have lived, and a little bit about us. I put things like where we work, what we like to do for fun, our hobbies, etc.
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After that…

The birth story.

Even if you had a crazy labor and delivery, I’ve found that, even trying with all my might to remember all of those little details , they still tend to fade over time. I feel it’s best to write it all down when it is still fresh, within a few months of birth. This part is really important to me, those are moments I want to remember forever.

The next pages…

A birth announcement type page and an about the name page.

You could put an actual birth announcement on this page if you want, but we don’t do them. I  put full name, date and time of birth, weight and length, and eye and hair color. 3 out of my 4 came out with a full head of hair.

The about the name page includes first and middle name and the meanings. As well as, if they represent anything significant, such as being named after someone. I also put a part about other names we had considered or what the name would have been if they had been a different gender. My husband and I tend to call out babies by different nicknames, so I did a section on “What Mommy Calls Me”, “What Daddy Calls Me”, and “What They Both Call Me”.

About my siblings pages. One for each sibling with full name, age, a little about them, and what they think of their new sibling.

Our family sections. I did a list of relatives, one for each side of the family. I put great grandparents, grandparents, great aunts and uncles, their children, and their children’s children. In my family cousins are more like brothers and sister, their kids are more like my nieces and nephews, so I feel like it’s important for them to be included. Then Aunts and Uncles and their kids.
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Keeping track of milestones to add them in the baby book later…

I made a list of milestones that I just keep hanging around so that I can write things down as they happen. My list includes;

Smiles, rolls from tummy to back, rolls from back to tummy, holds head up, gives kisses, gives hugs, first solid food (and what), starts “talking”, first word (and what), says “mama” and “dada”, grabs at toys, rakes in toys with hands, plays with toys, sits with support, sits without support, giggles, sleeps through the night, holds bottle, feeds self with fingers, feeds self with spoon, uses a sippy cup, uses a regular cup, scoots, crawls, crawls up a step, crawls down a step, first tooth, pulls self up to stand, stands alone, cruises, and walks. Along with a section for other things that I hadn’t thought of but want to write down.

Putting the milestones in the baby book…

I made little cards for each month with a “Look what I can do” section and a “what I like” sections. Every few months I take the things that I have written on my milestones list and write them on the cards under the “Look what I can do” section. Under the “What I like” section I put things like an obsession with a parent or other relative, a blanket or toy, a certain type of baby food, or just any other special thing they happen to really like that month.

Now that I have told you what I did put in my baby books here are a few things that I wish I had included:

(At least in my older child’s, I probably will do some of them for my youngest being as she’s only a few months old)

A picture of home. (The home you brought baby home to) We have lived in so many different places the last four year that I am sure my 2 youngest won’t remember much of them as they get older. It would have been nice to have that memory for them.

Teeth Charts…. like really?! What was I thinking when I put my older daughter together? Why didn’t I put one of these in there?

First birthday details. Where, who came, presents, theme, pictures of the event. Yeah… my older daughter didn’t get this either. Honestly though, we didn’t have a huge celebration for her first birthday, but we did what we could at the time, I think as a 1 year old she was pretty pleased with getting to smear cake all over her well…everything.

Baby shower details. Who threw it for you, when it was held, who came, what kind of gifts you got, highlights, games played, and pictures of the event.

Now go have some fun putting together your own baby book!!

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