Keep Your Home in Order with a Home Management Binder

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I use a Home Management Binder to keep track of all of our important household information. It is so much easier to have everything organized and in one place rather than all over or not having it at all.

There are 6 sections to the binder:

They include:

  • Meal Planning
  • Financials
  • Family
  • Events and Travel
  • Contacts
  • Vehicles

In each section I use clear page protectors like these Avery Heavyweight Sheet Protectors for my sheets. I use these Avery Index Tabs on each page protector to be able to flip right to what I need.

Meal Planning Section:

  • Copies of my menu planner
    • I use these to plan all of my weekly meals
    • You can check out my post about meal planning and get a free copy of my own menu planner here.
  • My Meals List
    • I keep a go to meals list in this section to help with meal planning
    • You can read about setting up a go-to meals list here.

Financial Section:

  • Financial Usernames and Passwords
    • This is for the usernames and passwords for banks, services, and bill paying
  • Bank account information
    • My sheets have the name of our financial institutions, who’s account, account numbers, routing numbers, card numbers with expiration date and security code, and pin numbers
  • A current bills list
    • An up to date list of all of our recurring bills
  • A space for my monthly worksheets
  • Services
    • A list of service provider information this could include things like phone, internet, power, water, trash, etc.
    • My sheet includes the service provider name, what it is for, account details (like account number), and contact information
  • Monthly Budget
    • A list with all of my budget amounts
    • Check this post about budgeting if you’d like to set up your own budget.
  • Needs List
    • A list of everything we need to buy and when to buy it, along with approximate price of items

Family Section:

  • Family Information
    • A list of family members with full legal name, birthdate, SS number, born in, drivers license number (if applicable), and mother and father and their dates of birth
  • Address History
    • A list of previous addresses
  • Health Insurance Information
    • A list of family members with name of insurance company, policy numbers, group numbers, claim numbers, policy dates, and any other important information
  • General Usernames and Passwords
    • Any usernames and passwords that need to be remembered but isn’t used for financial purposes, such as email, social media, etc.

Events and Travel Section:

  • Events
    • A list of birthdays and other important dates categorized by month
  • Event Planners
    • A planner page for special family events
  • Birthday Questioner
    • A little page I give to my kids to help my get ideas on planning their parties
  • Christmas Gift Lists
    • For extended family members
  • Christmas Card List
  • Packing and Camping Checklists
    • Packing and camping checklists are lists of necessities that I have tailored for each of my individual family members
  • Vacation Ideas
    • This is a list of possible vacations
    • Also serves as a research and budget sheet

Contacts Section:

  • Family
    • Names and addresses of close family members
  • Friends
    • Names and addresses of friends
  • Work Contacts
    • Names and phone numbers of work related contacts

Vehicles Section:

  • Pages for each vehicle with year, make, model, year purchase, and any other information, such as loan details. This page also includes a maintenance log.

It does take a little work to get this binder set up, but it’s so worth it once you get it done. I love mine and I honestly don’t know what I would do without it.

This binder has been a life saver on so many occasions.

Having things together and organized like this has made my life so much easier. I don’t have to go hunting for usernames and passwords anymore. I don’t have to call and ask my husband what his mothers birthdate is, if I happen to need it. I don’t have to break out the social security cards every time I need one of children’s Social Security Numbers. The list goes on, but I’m sure you get it!

I still have things I’d like to add to it eventually, but for now this works great.

I hope you can use the outline for my home management binder as inspiration to create your own.

Questions or comments? There is a comment section if you keep scrolling down. Otherwise, you can contact me via my contact form.

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