Babies’ Important Milestones From 1-12 Months

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With my little one going on 4 months now and her starting to do all these awesome things I thought I’d write a post about baby milestones.

Be aware that this is just a guideline and is not set in stone. I’ve had 4 of my own children and have watched many other children grow. I worked in and operated a daycare for years. Every child is different and some will develop skills faster while some a little slower. If you are concerned about your child’s development an any way please address it with your child’s doctor. pexels-photo-421884.jpeg

1 Month Milestones

  • At 1 month old your baby should still be holding his hands in tight little fists.
  • Your baby should make jerky movements with his arms. Babies don’t quite have control of those muscles yet.
  • Your baby should start smiling.

2 Month Milestones

    • Your little one should be trying to hold his head up. (My daughter did this from birth)
    • He will begin to have a stronger kick as his muscles start getting stronger.
    • Instead of jerking your baby will start to become fluid and intent with his movements.
    • Baby will start noticing his hands, and possibly that they fit very well in his mouth.
    • Your baby will make noises called coos. (When my little one started this it wasn’t a little “coo-coo”, it was a straight up screech. The first time she did it, I jumped because it scared me so bad.)

Breast Pads

3 Month Milestones

  • At 3 months old your baby will start to mimic sounds, movements, and expressions. (My daughter started mimicking my mouth movements by holding her mouth open really wide, which is what I do to her when I am acting excited. She also started making a sound that sounds an awful lot like she is trying to say HI, we say this to her often, so it makes sense that she would try to mimic it.)
  • Baby will kick and bat at objects. (Little one actually started this at 2 months.)
  • While on the floor your baby might try to do a “push up”. This is where they pick their head and chest up off the floor by pushing down.
  • Your baby should be opening and closing his hands by now.
  • He will probably push his legs into a “standing” position when held upright.
  • Little one will grasp a toy if you put it in his hand.

4 Month Milestones

    • Baby should roll from stomach to back at this point. (My daughter actually went from back to tummy first at 3 months and would get stuck because she couldn’t figure out how to go the other way. She’d get so mad, but now she’s got both down and will roll a pretty good distance.)
    • Your baby might reach for toys.
    • Teething might start this month. (I thought for sure my little one had started this over a month ago, but she still hasn’t had any pop through yet.)

5 Month Milestones

  • Baby will bring his hands together and will reach with both hands.
  • Baby should start grasping and holding onto items. (My daughter likes to hold onto my shirt when I try to put her down. She also likes to grab onto my husband’s beard and PULL!)
  • May roll from back to stomach, or at least try to.
  • At 5 months your baby could start crawling.

6 Month Milestones

  • Baby may say repeat sounds such as “mama”, “dada”, and “baba”
  • Laughing will become more pronounced for your little one. You will most likely find yourself cracking up right along side your baby. Their ability to laugh at pretty much anything is contagious.
  • Your baby should be rolling both directions by now.
  • Baby will rake in and pick up items.
  • Your little one might be able to sit with support for a little bit.
  • Baby might start teething.

7 Month Milestones

  • Baby might sit up by himself at this point.
  • He will work on the “pincer” grasp. Using thumb and finger to pick up small objects.

8 Month Milestones

  • Little one will most likely be sitting up by himself by now.
  • He will start moving and may try to crawl or scoot.

9 Month Milestones

  • 9 months is the average time for babies to start crawling, but some babies skip this and go straight to walking.
  • Your baby may hold onto something to stand up.
  • He will probably be able to sit for long periods of time on his own.
  • By this point he should be using a “pincer” grasp regularly.
  • “Mama” and “Dada” will become regular phrases and they are most likely used to refer to his parents.

10 Month Milestones

  • Your baby may be able to sit, crawl, stand while holding onto something, and “talk”.

11 Month Milestones

  • Your nugget might be cruising. This is where he holds onto something in order to walk.
  • He may let go of support to stand on his own.
  • If you ask a child where a toy is he may respond by pointing to it.

pexels-photo-459976.jpeg12 Month Milestones

  • Baby should sit and twist, stand, and may start walking.
  • Little one will understand simple commands.

Below are a few milestones checklists that I made. Feel free to download.

Blue Milestones Chart

Green Milestones chart

Pink Milestones Chart

Purple Milestones chart

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