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Product that I love #1:

HP Instant Ink Program

*I have not been compensated in any way to write this post, it is simply about a product I love. However, if you choose to sign up and use my code we will both benefit from a free month of Instant Ink service.*

Instant Ink has become a necessity in my home.

Last year my 3 month old Cannon printer died. I had used an HP for years before, but the one I had became obsolete and no longer connected to the internet. After some searching I came across the cannon and it seemed like a good deal, so I bought it. HUGE mistake, I had nothing but problems with that thing. It died and deep down I was actually really happy about it, because now I could get a new printer. After searching for a while, I decided to purchase another HP, little did I know it would come with a free trial of Instant Ink. I began to search the internet trying to find out what this instant ink was all about. At first it didn’t really make sense to me. After research I decided what could it hurt to sign up. I was already spending upwards of $60 on ink a month (Homeschool Mom) and I was so glad that I did.

It only works with certain printers. Check to see if it will work for yours here.

Upon joining I discovered that they had 4 plans, which I will outline below:

They have a free plan!

How amazing Is that? They actually give you ink to print for free. If only I didn’t need to print so much! The free plan is for 15 pages. After that you can continue printing for $1 per 10 sheets.

The Occasional Plan

50 pages for 2.99 a month. After your 50 pages you can continue to print for $1 per 15 sheets.

The Moderate Plan

This plan is double the amount of the Occasional plan at 100 pages and costs 4.99 a month. Additional pages are $1 for 20.

The Frequent Plan

(I use this one) This is their biggest plan and includes 300 pages, with additional pages being just $1 for 25 extra sheets.

You can only get the additional pages in bundles. Meaning you can’t only purchase 1 extra sheet, you have to purchase all of the sheets. As soon as you go over your limit it’s automatically charged to your account. So be sure to check before you print, if you don’t want the extra charge. Also, you can purchase more than one bundle of the extra pages. It doesn’t stop unless you quit printing or your cycle ends. I have gone upwards of 200 sheets over before. It cost me about $17.

Let’s think about the for a minute though.

500 sheets for $17 is .03 per sheet. A package of HP 61 black and color ink retails for 42.99. It states that you should be able to get about 355 sheets total, that makes it .12 a sheet. HUGE difference.

Your pages “rollover”.

Meaning that if you don’t use all of your pages by the end of your cycle they move to the next month.

This does come with stipulation though. You have to use your plan pages first and then you may use your rollover sheets. Also, you can only rollover 1 month at a time. If you don’t use your rollover by the end of the cycle you lose them. This kind of sucks and was not really made clear to me when I first started using the service. But now that I do know, and in the very rare chance I end up with rollover sheets (which is usually from an additional pages purchase) I make sure I use them. I will look ahead on school, print out extra planner pages, whatever I need to do so I don’t lose those rollover sheets.

They send you ink before you run out.

Your printer is connected to their system and alerts them when you need more ink based on your printing needs. I will usually receive my ink about 2 weeks before I actually need it. I have used this service for almost a year now and have only received 4 shipments of ink. My most recent one I haven’t even opened yet.

The cartridges they send you are what they call XL, but when compared to the retail XL they are 2x the size.  Really they should be called XXL. With these cartridges life gets a little easier with not having to worry about running out of ink in the middle of a big print job or having to change them so often.

You can change your plan whenever you want, but it doesn’t kick in until the next cycle.

Meaning that if you want to change your plan, do it right before the end of the current cycle so you don’t end up having to go another month on a plan that is too big or small.

One more thing.

They only count pages… EVERY SINGLE PAGE that comes out of your printer. If it prints funny, if nothing shows up on the page, or you accidentally print an extra page, it is counted. I monitor this really close. I check and recheck before I print to make sure I am only printing what I want.

Honestly, I wish this would have come out ages ago or I would have learned about it a little bit earlier. It would have saved me so much money! By the way, you can add an extra free month to your account when you sign up by using my code. I get a free month too! Click here to be redirected to HP and sign up using my code for your free month.

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