Sunday Funday Family Idea #3

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This weeks’ Sunday Funday idea: Family BBQ

pexels-photo-899237.jpegThis is also a great way to celebrate MOM! Happy Mothers Day to all you beautiful mamas out there! I am hopeful that you will have a great day! I know I will. I’m having a BBQ!

You will need:

The food: You could do burgers, hot dogs, brauts, ribs, whatever your heart desires.

The fixins (sides): Corn on the cob, rolls, potato salad, chips, etc.

Desserts: Cake, cookies, fruit salad.

Paper plates, napkins, serving dishes and spoon, and plastic utensils.

Obviously you will need a grill, stove, pit, or maybe even a smoker. Haha.

Chairs and an outside table/ or blankets

Tablecloth (optional)

Games like: Cornhole or Horseshoe

Close friends and the family


The Plan:

Gather friends and family

Set up games

Get to cooking

Set up chairs and tables/ or blankets

Set up other food

While you wait for the food to finish cooking, play some games and converse with your family and friends.

Enjoy the evening!

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