A Free Tool for Remembering Your Child’s Consequences

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Uh Oh Cards:

Uh oh cards originally began as a product of my inability to remember when one of my children got in trouble and gained a consequence.

Inevitably I would give a consequence only to go back on it the next day because I’d forgotten about it.

This caused some problems in our family. One because the kids knew that this was happening and used it to their advantage. And two it upset my husband because I had no “follow through”.

My kids would get in trouble and I’d say “You’re grounded from your games for 2 days.” The next day they would come to me and say “Mama, can I play my games?” And I would say “Sure.” My husband would then come home, he’d find them playing their games, and in a huffy tone “Why are they playing their games?” I would know instantly why he was asking this question. Ugh… Why couldn’t I just remember?

I tried writing it down…

But with all the other little notes and everything else I do in a day, they’d get lost in the mix.

Finally one day, after the whole process, I decided I needed to make some sort of notes system.

I made the cards (after lots of back and fourths on how they should be made) and implemented them straight away. It helped me remember, and even better, it kept the kids from taking advantage.

I made them to be stapled and have the edges so they could be torn off, like a coupon book. (You could just cut them if you don’t know how to do this.)

The first part is left on the book stapled together, and the other part is given to the child.

As soon as the child gets in trouble you fill out the whole card and rip off their part. Keep the stapled part and put it somewhere you will remember to look at it consistently.

On another note…

At the same time I made the Uh Oh cards,  I decided to make Good Deed cards, because I wanted to give them something as a thank you for when they did something awesome and to show them that I noticed.

These are pretty much the same as the Uh Oh cards, but they have a spot to write down what good deed they did and a spot for a reward instead of what they got in trouble for and the consequence.

I don’t necessarily feel like these should be used all of the time. Just for things that are really out of the ordinary for your children.

If you’d like the Uh Oh Cards or the Good Deed Cards, click below to download and print.

Uh Oh and Good Deed Cards

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