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I plan for our school year to coincide with our school district.

However, I do make a few exceptions. Obviously, we don’t have teacher in service days or parent teacher conference days. We also don’t take more than a week for winter break, and we have school scheduled on some of the holidays that the school district takes off because I don’t really think it’s a reason to miss school. We do take a normal summer break, unless we need to catch up on anything and, in that case, we will work into the summer as long as we need to.

I started our first year off with WAY too much on my plate and have changed things quite a bit since then. It’s amazing what you have to go through in order to learn things sometimes. Instead of planning for the entire year all at once, I now plan by quarter, with a little bit of prep at the beginning of the year.

It makes things so much easier when you have an outline of the school year.

To make my outline I start by writing down the subjects and everything that I want to teach in those subjects for the year.

I then make a resource list for each subject and where I can get the resources.

For example, if I need to purchase a book, already have the item, or it’s a free online resource, etc. I set out on a mission to gather the resources I need.

After I get everything together I outline each resource. I do this by making a table that looks something like this:

Subject: Math “Name of Resource”

Pages #-#       Lesson1: “Name of lesson”       M/D/YR      M/D/YR

Pages #-#       Lesson 2: “Name of lesson”      M/D/YR      M/D/YR

The “M/D/YR” on the end signify a spot for date scheduled and date completed.

I do this for each subject.

It can be time consuming, but it is so worth it later in the year when your brain is mush and you are strung out over everything else. (OK, maybe you aren’t that way, but I am!) Some of the subjects or lessons require more in depth planning, but I always start with a simple resource outline.

I normally type out my resource outline, but I made a blank copy specifically for you all to download if you’d like. You can get that here.
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For lessons that require more in depth planning I use a lesson plan outline.

It has a subject, lesson, lesson objective, a list of how to break up the lesson into smaller lessons, and a resource section for any additional resources or supplies needed.

It also has a little 10 day planner on the bottom to show how to schedule them into the planner. I only do these for a quarter at a time, in case something changes, it just makes sense for me to do it that way.

All of my lesson/resource outlines go in my teacher binder.

I have a section in my binder for each of my children with subsections for each subject they will be learning.

In each of the subsections I put the lesson/resource outlines and have 4 quarterly planning pages.

Each planning page is labeled with the child’s name, and subject.

It’s a pretty simple set up. The table has 6 columns and 9 rows. In the first row I put the days. In the first column I list the weeks by number. Example; Week 1, Week 2, etc. When I fill it out I write the dates for the week under each numbered week, then use my outlines to fill in the lessons for each day.

Planning for only 1 quarter at a time makes it much easier because if anything changes you can account for it in the following quarter without having to do much rescheduling.

I will usually start planning for the next quarter about 2 weeks before the current quarter ends.

That way I have an idea of things that they didn’t understand or we didn’t or won’t get done and account for those items in my plan for the quarter.

Get my lesson plan outline and my quarterly planner by clicking the links below.

Lesson Plan Outline

School Year Quarterly Planner

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