Tips on How to Make a Great Budget for Trips + a Freebie

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It’s that time of year. The roads are clear of ice and snow, and the weather is getting nicer. It’s time for a trip. Whether it’s to visit family or friends, or a vacation, it’s always a good  idea to have a budget.

Setting up a trip budget is simple and saves so much money.

At the end of this post you can get my budgeting for trips worksheet for free.

There are 3 sections to figuring out a budget.

The cost of the trip there, while you are there, and the cost of the trip back.

It’s going to be different for some but here’s a list of the more common things you should budget for:

The trip there and back:

  • Fuel costs (Or tickets)
  • Food and drinks
  • Entertainment
  • Lodging

While there:

  • Tickets (for admissions)
  • Lodging
  • Food and drinks
  • Activities
  • Shopping
  • Other transportation

Under each category you should list the details.



  • So and So Hotel in So and So       Cost: $120 a night
  • Whatsit Hotel in Whatsit              Cost: $98 a night

Food and Drinks:

  • Stopping in Whatsit for dinner                   Cost: About $50
  • Stopping in So and So for lunch and dinner   Cost: About $75

Total all sections and you have your budget.

A few tips for taking a trip on a budget:

  • Check fuel prices with apps like Gas Buddy to find the best prices before filling up.
  • Book hotels ahead of time.
  • Stay with friends and family when available.
  • Purchase and pack food and drinks in a cooler before you leave:
    • Sandwiches, wraps, and hoagies work well for this, along with some chips or crackers.
    • Snacks as well, like fruit snacks, raisins, apples, etc.
    • Lots of bottled water and juice
  • Use a packing checklist to avoid unnecessary purchases.

Click the link below for your free budgeting for trips worksheet and a bonus how to figure your fuel cost instruction sheet.

Budgeting for trips worksheet

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