Products I Love Series: Command Hooks

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Product that I love #2: Command Hooks

*I have not been compensated in any way to write this post, it is simply about a product that I love.*

Command Coat image 1 with site

Command Hooks are one of my favorite organizing items.

They help me avoid putting holes in my walls and, when used correctly, they come off clean without leaving awful residue, scuffs, or pulling off paint.

They come in all sorts of sizes and for multiple uses.

Below is a list of my favorites, with details, and what you can use them for:

Product Name
Holds Up To
Use Them For
Additional Details
Large Designer Hooks
Diaper Bags and Purses
Large Double Hooks
Hanging coats, jackets, and backpacks
Medium Designer Hooks
Entry way organization
Medium Wire Hooks
Hanging and organizing brooms and mops
Also hanging and organizing hair tools
 Medium Bath Hooks
Luffas and Small shower caddies
Holds up in the shower
Small Wire Hooks
Measuring cups and Measuring spoons

Other utensils

Little baskets and buckets

Hanging clip boards

They come in pink, purple, clear, white, blue, and green
Small Designer Hooks
Light jackets

Hand towels

Mini Hooks
Hang small picture frames with the ridged back hook
Decorating Clips
Hang light strands
Anything décor wise that has a wire loop
Large Picture Strips
4Ibs per set
Picture frames and art

Corkboards, chalkboards, hanging file holders

Medium Picture Strips
3lbs per set
Picture frames and art Corkboards, chalkboards, hanging file holders
Small Picture Strips
1lb per set
Picture frames and art

Corkboards, chalkboards, hanging file holders

In addition to them coming off clean, they hold strong, and you don’t have to use tools to install them!

Command picture strips image 1 with site 2
I put up this entire wall of pictures, including the clock, with command hook picture strips!

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