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If you are a compulsive planner and homeschool mom, like myself, you definitely need a teacher planner/organizer. In this post I will outline what I think is crucial in a teacher planner, along with a chance to subscribe at the end of this post to receive a free planning bundle.

In my binder are SEVERAL sections.

I use a 3 inch binder, like this Avery Heavy Duty one, so you can probably imagine. I have 3 kids worth of lessons and plans in there, so yeah, it has to be big. You could, however, have a different planning binder for each child.

The Sections are as follows:

    1. School year calendar, with outline of the days you plan on schooling, vacations, no school days, and counts of each. ( I also keep a copy of our local school district calendar in here, as reference.)
    2. List of holidays to celebrate at “school”, like Columbus day or Martin Luther King Jr. Day
    3. Attendance
    4. Ideas/brainstorms
    5. Quick Glance Curriculum for each child
    6. Sections for kids: Use dividers like these Avery ones.
      1. Subject sections: Math, ELA, Spelling, Writing, Social Studies, Science, History, Art, Additional Subject
        1. Inside each subject section is an outline of their curriculum for that subject
        2. Any lesson outlines
        3. Quarterly planners
    7. Grades (I used to keep grades in this binder, but moved them into a smaller binder, specifically for grades and attendance, because lugging that big thing out every day was a pain when I didn’t really need it for anything else. (I do all my planning on Sunday so I usually don’t have to look through my binder again throughout the week, unless I need a refresher, or have a brainstorm.))

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Click the links below to get your free bundle worksheets:

  1. School year calendar (2018/2019 and 2019/2020 August Start)
  2. List of holidays (2018/2019 and 2019/2020)
  3. Attendance Sheets
  4. Brainstorm Sheets
  5. Quick Glance Curriculum Sheet
  6. Lesson Outlines
  7. Quarterly Planner
  8. Grade Tracker

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