How to Easily Set Up Your Homeschool Grade Tracking Binder


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As I mentioned in my  post I separated my grades from my teacher planner binder. My reason for this is that my teacher binder is a big, heavy, and awkward thing that, even though it keeps most of my homeschool items organized and easily referenced, is a pain in the butt to pull out on a daily basis when I don’t need to.

I decided that I would make a smaller binder for grades.

For the grades binder I used a 1-inch binder. Like these Amazon Basics ones. I also used dividers, like these Avery dividers.
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Setting up the grades binder is simple:

You need a section for each child.

Within each section you should have subsections for each subject.

For the subsections I made top divider .svg files for use with Silhouette or Cricut.

In each subsection place your grade tracker sheet, which you can get for free if you click the link below. As a bonus, if you have a cutting machine, I can email you the SVG files. Contact me here , ask for the “Top Divider SVG Files”, and I will send them to you within a few days. Grade Tracker Sheet Image

You can make your own grade tracker (feel free to use my design above) or click the link to download.

Grade Tracker

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