What is it like to be a mom of 4?

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I never thought I would be one to have 4 kids.

I was almost certain I was done at 2, but 6 years later I had another baby and again 3 years after that.

I did end up getting a tubal after my youngest was born, so I am officially done, in a bittersweet way though. I am watching her get older and every day I think about how I will never get to hold my own tiny newborn baby again. It breaks my heart in a way only another mother who has been through it can understand.

I am thankful though I have been able to push through 4 pregnancies as I tend to have some pretty awful side effects, which obviously I forget the extent of every time or I’d never get pregnant again!

When I got pregnant this last time, I made the decision to get my tubes tied as soon as the low blood pressure and feeling like I was going to pass out set in. Not to mention scares from an antibody, pelvic girdle pain, severe nausea and vomiting, and not hardly being able to walk for most of my 3rd trimester.

I also had a gestational diabetes scare (Luckily I passed the 3 hour) and group b strep (Which I had never had with any of my children before). Yeah, bittersweet. No more babies, but no more of the stress that pregnancy causes my body.
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A few things about being a mom of 4.

2 is easy!

Haha! I know it completely depends on your own children and experience, but in comparison to 4 (even 3), for me 2 kids was a piece of cake. Things like going places without having to wait for your husband were a thing I used to take for granted.

At this point, I almost never go anywhere without hubby in tow. I’ve tried a few times, but inevitably it ends with me being so stressed from trying to keep 3 year old little chick from 1)running amuck 2)putting random stuff in the cart 3)pulling things off of shelves and putting it on the floor 4)disappearing 5)running into people 6)trying to fling herself out of the cart when I have finally had enough and put her in it, I could go on.

4 kids means almost no quiet time.

It never fails that I get baby to sleep and 3 year old comes running in the room screaming her head off because brother stopped her from dipping her teddy bear in the toilet, and she “REALLY WANTED TO GIVE TED A BATH!!”

I am consistently told that I am “not old enough” to have 4 kids.

What does that even mean? How do you classify not “old enough” and how do I fit into that category?

Funny, I seem to have… 4 kids.

Also I am pretty sure they are all mine, and I am pretty sure I gave birth to all of them.

I have been receiving this little tidbit since I had my first. I was only 18 at the time, but I am sure I was “old enough” to have him then, and I am old enough to have as many as I have now. Thanks for the information though.

I remember thinking about the fact that 4 kids was going to be a lot!

And then I hear about mamas that have 5, 6, 10 kids and I think, to you mamas, you are amazing selfless women. Kudos to you.

I think (Stressing THINK) I probably could have handled a few more mentally (once my current 3 year old got older), but physically there is NO WAY!

(I love my 3 year old ,but can you tell we have some defiance issues there? She’s my little sister to a tee!)

I get asked “How do you do it?” A LOT!

To that question… What exactly is “it”?

I am going to assume you mean how do I handle 4 kids…Well, I just do.

I have my days like anyone else. I’m NOT perfect.

I tell my kids no, A LOT!

I yell more than I’d like to (mostly because my oldest is going through this stage (oh, I hope it’s a stage) were he wants to argue with EVERYTHING I say and that’s the only way I can get him to stop talking over the top of me)!

I put the 3 year old down for a nap 7 times, only for it to not work and she decides to fall asleep at 4 pm, sleep through dinner, then get up, and not want to go back to bed at bed time.

I forget things, consistently.

My kids look grungy, even though they’ve had a bath, because I MAKE them go outside and play.

I think I do “it” like most other parents that have 1,2,3,4 or more kids, do “it”! haha!

Best of all….4 times the love!

Sometimes I feel like I am stretched thin trying to make sure my kids know how much I love them, and still I don’t feel like it is enough.

But then, there are the moments when THEY walk up to me ,or when I pick them up, and they grab ahold of me. They hold on and I melt. I know they love me and I couldn’t be more grateful, you know… after all the yelling and no’s. I tell them I love them and they (if they can) tell me they love me too! That’s the best!!

Thanks for reading! I want to know what being a parent of 1,2,3,4 or more is like for you! Tell me your stories in the comments section below.

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2 thoughts on “What is it like to be a mom of 4?

  1. I am the mother of 5. I completely empathize with feeling like you may be spreading the love to thin. But, I think in the long run all of them know how much I love them. I think my biggest struggle was keeping their names straight.


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