Homeschool: Does Your Child Need More Motivation with School Work? Try This!

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In this post I will talk about another way to deter subpar work from your kids. I listed 2 other possibilities in the post: Are your kids losing motivation? This might help. This idea falls in line behind those ideas, or if you already have something else in place that just isn’t working. If you try this idea and it doesn’t work for you, you should definitely pop over to that post and check it out.

Speed Work

The idea behind speed work is that it’s to be given when your child rushes through their independent work instead of taking their time.

It is extra school work as a consequence. I know a lot of people don’t like the thought of doing this, but I can tell you from experience that it really does work if…

You use it sparingly: Say you use a consequence like the “Daily average” in this post, and it works pretty well, but out of nowhere it just seems like your kiddo doesn’t care again. Implement this on top of the Daily average for a few days, let your child think that you will be using this method long term, then offer them an “out” (just from the speed work, continue to use the other method) when their work improves.

Make it relevant: It really should coincide with the things that they are “speeding” through.

Make it a consequence that they have to figure out on their own: There’s a difference between your child needing help or an explanation and your child blatantly not wanting to take the time to do the work properly. You need to decipher this before you implement speed work or you will just be making it harder on everyone.

I Suggest

To make a list of things that they are turning in that aren’t the greatest.

Determine whether they need help or are just rushing.

Make it relevant to the work they are doing by either 1) having them redo the worksheet or 2) Make a new worksheet out of what you know they are speeding through.

Make sure to communicate with your child about why they are doing extra work. Make sure they know it’s a consequence for not doing the best you and your child both know he/she can.

Don’t stick to it too long because 1) It will eventually become routine to your child, so it won’t seem like a consequence anymore. 2) It gives you an advantage that you can use again later if their work starts slipping again.


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