Sunday Funday Family Idea #6

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This weeks’ Sunday Funday idea: Family Craft

You could do any craft you want to, but here’s what we did and instructions.

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Pictures on the outside of picture frames? It was a thought and I honestly wasn’t sure about it, thinking it might end up looking silly, but they turned out pretty cute!

You’ll Need

  • Picture frames (at least big enough that you can see 1/2 inch around the picture when placed inside. So for a 4×6 picture a 5×7 works great.)
  • Scrap decorative paper
  • Small Crafting Clothespins
  • Miscellaneous Buttons
  • Adhesive (we used hot glue)
  • Scissors and a pen


First, you’ll need to take the wrap off the frames. Ok, so this is a little obvious, but I’m not kidding when I say I had to tell my kids to do this 3 times before they actually started taking the wrap off of the picture frames…

  Everything except the glass should be removed from the frame.

Take the back cardboard and trace it on a piece of the scrap paper.

Cut it out.

Place the paper inside of your picture frame face down and close up the frame.

Glue one clothespin in the center of the top of your frame. You can make yours either vertical or horizontal. Glue buttons around the frame.

Clip pictures to frames and enjoy!

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