Vacation Ideas Sheet

My Vacation Ideas Sheet Image

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Another sheet that I love is my Vacation Ideas Sheet.

Granted I may never get to take all the vacations I want to, but I like the fact that I can keep track of all the ideas that pop into my head with this sheet!

I store this sheet in my home management binder. You can read about the home management binder and how to set one up here. It’s such an awesome tool to have in your home.

I like the Vacation Ideas sheet for 2 reasons. Not only is this sheet a keeper of the idea itself, but it doubles as a sort of planner.

The vacation idea sheet has multiple sections including:

  • How long
  • How Many People
  • Fun Ideas
  • Projected Costs
  • Details

Each sheet is able to hold two vacation ideas and plans.

LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Atlanta

You can snag mine by clicking the link below or you can make your own based on what I’ve told you. (Feel free to use my layout!)

My Vacation Ideas Sheet Image

My Vacation Ideas Sheet

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