Homeschool | History of Technology Series: Free Workbook 1

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If you are around my age you know what it was like to grow up without the electronics we have now.  I got my first cell phone when I was 16 and it was a generic phone which had the caller ID like a regular home phone (for the time) had. No fancy screen, it didn’t even have a camera or call waiting. Haha.

It’s almost hilarious when you tell your kids this fact for the first time, they look at you in awe, then start asking all these question about the “old days”. Like how did you “google” things? Haha! OH, honey…Our google was the encyclopedia, dictionary, magazines, movies, we had to ask actually people for information or read books.

I remember when I was a young kid. We had a house phone and my step dad was the only one in the family that had a cell phone, it was an older style Motorola (I can’t remember what it was exactly). Cell phones were nowhere near as mainstream as they are now. Kids weren’t walking around with them in their pockets, and people definitely didn’t use them as computers. There was no such thing as a tablet. Computers and the internet were so slow with the dial up connection. Ugh, yeah the dial up connection, that was awful, you couldn’t even make a phone call at the same time you were online. Internet was downloaded onto your computer via CD, remember AOL? You could get a free trial with those CDs they had hanging on the checkout lanes in Walmart.

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Anyways when I told my kids about these facts and they started asking questions, I thought what a great lesson this could turn into. A series of lessons based on the evolution of technology.

I researched and came up with the lessons. This is the first workbook, it is geared towards higher elementary grades and middle school due to wording and vocabulary. The next lesson will be out within the coming month. Each workbook will have it’s own post, but I will add them to this post as they become available in case you want to bookmark this page. Click below to access the free download.

The History of The Telephone

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