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Sunday Funday Adult Idea 2

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This weeks’ Adult Sunday Funday idea: Adults Only Game Night

You will need:

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  • 2+ Adult Games (You can check out my recommendations below)
  • Snacks and Drinks (Check out this post for some great alcoholic beverage recipes)
  • Friends

The plan:

  • Invite friends for a get together
  • Set up snacks and drinks
  • Set up games
  • Enjoy the evening with your friends

 A few recommendations:

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5 Second Rule


What do you meme



Also, The Dating Divas have some awesome couples freebie games like:

DIY Jeopardy Game For Couples

and the

Jenga Love Game

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I'm a 30 year old stay at home mom of 4. I have been homeschooling for about 2 years now, and am a 2nd generation homeschooler. My oldest 2 children attended public school before we started homeschooling. I am a compulsive organizer and cleaner. I HATE clutter and crumbs! I also love to craft and come up with fun ideas to do as a family! Before staying at home I ran a daycare, then was the bar manager of a members only club. So not only do I have a background with children, besides my own, but I have a background with childhood education and a background in business and financial management.

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