Things You REALLY Need for Baby: Birth to 1 Month

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When I got pregnant with my first child I remember all of the things people told me I NEEDED! I was overwhelmed and a first time mom. I purchased most of what I was told I NEEDED, but ultimately I ended up not using 3/4 of the things that were suggested to me.

4 kids later I can say that I’ve become somewhat of an expert on the actual needs regarding a new baby. I thought a series based on babies’ age would be fun.

So to start here is birth to 1 month.

Free Nursing Cover!

Absolute necessities:

A Car Seat

A Crib or Bassinet (Bassinets are great, I have had one for each of my kids, but if you are trying to cut down on overall expenses, you can opt out of the bassinet and go straight for a crib.)

Diapers: Either disposable or cloth, whichever you prefer. I’ve used both and am currently using disposable. I go back and forth, though.

Wipes or Washcloths, again this is preference.

Bedding: 2 crib sheets, 2+ receiving blankets (or swaddlers), 2+ regular blankets

Clothes are hard to predict being that it’s not 100% your baby will come out at 6 pounds or 10 pounds. Meaning the difference between baby going into newborns or straight into 0-3 months. But here is a guideline:

Clothes (newborn size): 3+ Onesies, 3+ Sleepers, 5+ Pairs of socks (essential in the winter months), 2+ outfits

Clothes (0-3 months size): 5+ Onesies, 5+Sleepers, 5+ outfits, 5+ pairs of socks

Bathing: Baby wash, washcloths, towels, lotion, small grooming set (with nail clippers and brush)

Pacifiers (If you are planning on using)

If you plan on breastfeeding, you will absolutely need:

Nothing really, but as for comfort, I would suggest the following:

A Nursing Pillow (this is a back saver, for real!)


A Nursing Cover (For public nursing if you are uncomfortable with it, I’m not, but I like to be respectful of people who might be.) You can also just use a light blanket.

Breast Pads

A Nursing Bra

Breast Pads

If you plan on pumping, you WILL NEED:

Breast Pump



Bottle Brush

If you are bottle feeding:



Bottle Brush

Items that are not a necessity but are convenient:


Diaper bag

Front Carrier/ Sling

Baby Bath Tub

Most of the big expenses happen before baby even arrives, with the crib and car seat, but it definitely helps to offset costs by not purchasing unnecessary items.

I’ve made a printable which you can download below:

Birth to 1 Month Baby Needs Checklist

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