27 Ways to Reuse Baby Food Containers

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So now that I have a little one on baby food again, I am finding myself hoarding baby food containers. Haha. (As my husband sighs)

If you’ve read my post 37 Awesome Ways to use Containers you know how obsessed I am with containers and baby food containers are NO different. They are just so handy around the home, the garage, and the shed. Even the car!

Ways to use baby food containers in your home


  • Dried herbs and spices
  • Cake Decorating Tips
  • Box tops and Soup labels
  • Sprinkles (and other cake décor)
  • Small pieces of breast pumps or bottles
  • Small amounts of food
  • Seeds
  • Use them as individual containers for pudding
  • Individual snack containers


  • Hair ties, small clips, rubber bands, and bobby pins
  • Small make ups


  • Paperclips, pushpins, and rubber bands
  • SD cards and USB
  • Stamps


  • Experiments
  • Sorting
  • Storing small items
  • As paint cups

Around the house:

  • Keep extras from self assembled furniture and other items

Ways to use baby food containers in the garage

  • Nuts, bolts, washers, and screws
  • Drill Bits
  • Other small tool parts, car parts, etc..

Ways to use baby food containers in the shed

  • Keep plant seeds
  • Use them as plant starters (you will have to replant)
  • Other small bits and pieces

Ways to use baby food containers in your car

  • Coins
  • Single serve snacks for the kids on trips

A great thing about using baby food containers as storage is there is no need for labeling. They are see through. If you do want to label them, however, it’s as easy as picking up a permanent marker.

So there you go! That’s 27 ways to use baby food containers. Do you find them useful in other ways? Let me know in the comments!

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