Free Baby Proofing Checklist

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As a parent of a small child who is starting to explore it is essential that you baby proof your home. My little one has started scooting around the house and I am always on edge about the things that are potential hazards in our home. But there are definitely some things you can purchase to put your mind at ease and make your home a little safer for baby.

My suggestions include:

Baby Gates: Put these in doorways that are open, and at the tops and bottoms of stairs.

Plug Covers: Any plugs that baby could potentially reach need a plug cover. It’s also important to hide any cords and try to put furniture in front of outlets that have cords running to them. (There are also Outlet Covers)

Cupboard and drawer latches: Some cupboards and drawers can be fun for baby, but others are a BIG no, no. Install latches to keep baby out of cleaning products, knifes, and breakables.

Edge and Corner Guards: Okay I have a story for this one. When my oldest was just learning to walk he would pull himself up on our coffee table. I wasn’t concerned because for some reason I thought if he fell he would go backward onto his bottom, not a big deal. Unfortunately I was wrong. One day as he held onto the table, he let go, and instead of going backward like he always had, he flung forward. He slammed his mouth into the corner of the table and immediately started bleeding. I was horrified. I took him to the doctor, where I was informed that while it’s actually really common for babies to do this, he had split open his gums and may have damaged his top front teeth to the point where they could die and fall out. Ultimately they were fine. But scary all the same. I went out and bought corner guards!!!

Fridge Latches and Toilet Seat Latches

Pinch Guards: These are placed on the door to keep baby from closing their little fingers in the door.

There are other options, and each families needs are different. These are just my suggestions for the items that we have purchased and needed over the years.

I’ve made a checklist that you can download by clicking the link below.

Baby Safety Checklist

Baby Safety Checklist-page-001

Most of this stuff is available on If you don’t have prime you should check it out. It has tons of perks, including free 2 day shipping and 20% of diapers. You can sign up for a free 30 day trial here.

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