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This whole week has been nothing but planning our school year. I’m starting preschool with my 3 year old this year so I’ve got lots of extra work putting together new curriculum and resources for her as well as the normal stuff for my boys. Instead of a History of Technology post (which has been my normal Friday routine for the last month) I decided that this would be a good week to outline a few of my other posts and some free resources to help you plan your school year.

My Posts:

Simplifying the Amount of Stuff You Use to Homeschool : In this post I talk about moving into a much smaller space and the need for me to cut back significantly on the amount of stuff I used to homeschool. It has some great ideas and products to help you cut back and simplify your homeschool.

Setting Up Binders for Homeschool : In this post I outline how to set up homeschooling binders for your homeschool.

Homeschool: Are Your Kids Losing Motivation? This Might Help : In this post I talk about 2 motivational tools I’ve used to help my kids when they start to lose their homeschool motivation.

Homeschool: 2 Grading Ideas That Will Make Your Kids Accountable : This post outlines 2 ideas I came up with to help my kids see the negative effects certain aspects (such as being lazy about their work) can have on things overall.

Homeschool: Free Tips & Resources to Help Plan Your Homeschool Year : In this post I give you an idea of how I plan for our school year.

Get Your Free Homeschool Teacher Planner Bundle: This post is an outline of my own teacher planner to give you an idea of what you could use in your own and includes a freebie bundle to help you get started.

How to Easily Set Up Your Homeschool Grade Tracking Binder: This post outlines a simple way to set up a grade tracking binder and includes a free grade tracker sheet.

Homeschool: Does Your Child Need More Motivation with School Work? Try This! : Here’s one more motivational idea for when others are just not working!

Along with these helpful posts I also have a series of workbooks called History of Technology. You can get these for free for a limited time. (Each link opens the post to get each workbook.)

Homeschool | History of Technology Series: Free Workbook 1

Homeschool | History of Technology Series: Free Workbook 2

Homeschool |History of Technology Series: Workbook 3

Homeschool | History of Technology Series: Workbook 4

There will be 1 more workbook in this series, but they are time consuming and I have a lot going on right now. As soon as I get it done I will add it to this post.

Below are some great websites that I use on a regular basis (when I can’t come up with something on my own) that have some great free and paid resources! –  Lots of free worksheets for Kindergarten to 5th grade. (They also have a paid version.) – Free worksheet and resources for Kindergarten to 12th grade. – Similar to – Free resources and worksheets. Also has a Word Search Generator that I love to use. (You can purchase a subscription as well starting at 4.95/ month) and– Both of these sites are teachers for teacher resources. They have a lot of freebies as well as paid digital resources. Update: 8/2/2018 This is a total bummer, but I just found out that Teachers Notebook will be shutting down their site on Sept. 14th. So if you want to find some great free and paid resources from I’d hop over there quick!!

Thanks for reading! I hope this post was useful! If so, could you share?


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