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Some people think that being a stay at home parent is a luxury. It is to some extent, you get to be home with your children. That’s about where it ends.

Being a stay at home parent is a job in itself. Not only do you have your kids to tend to, but as the stay at home you also have many other jobs. Mine include; maid, cook, nurse, teacher, household manager (which is another list in itself), and the list could go on.

With 4 kids, I don’t get much time to myself, and when I do it’s usually spent on here writing a post, working on school, or working on a home management issue of some sort.  I make a to do list every morning to make sure that I am able to complete most of what I need to in the day. You can read about my to do lists/planner pages in this post. Sometimes though, I need a reminder of the housework that needs done. That is where cleaning lists come in. - Save time and money!

I have a daily list, weekly list, monthly list.

My daily list includes things like vacuuming, sweeping, wiping down tables, counters and the stove, laundry, making beds, dishes, and quick clean ups.

My weekly list includes things like, wiping down the bathroom, dusting, wiping down appliances, vacuuming the stairs, washing door knobs, cleaning mirrors, and washing bedding.

My monthly list includes things like washing baseboards and walls, deep cleaning bathrooms and bedrooms, cleaning the washer and dryer, reorganizing certain parts of the house, dusting fans, cleaning the front and back outside areas, quick garage cleanup, clean out and underneath furniture, and washing windows.

For my weekly list I have it categorized by day of the week. My monthly list is a checklist which I check off as I schedule it into my to do list.

I’ve made some worksheets to help you get your housework in order. You can download them by clicking the link below.

Cleaning List Bundle

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