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How about some homeschool freebies? Includes: Kids Attendance Sheet, Calendar Blank, and Weather Graphs

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Hey guys! Just 1 more week and I will have the new History of Technology Workbook out. I’m really excited to get the series done and all 5 workbooks available to you!

In the meantime, I was thinking about more homeschool FREEBIES!

Today I am going to share a few of the sheets I used for 1st-3rd with my boys. You could use them for kindergarten and upper elementary as well, but they are more suited for 1st-3rd.

The first sheet is an attendance sheet.

No, not mine, this one is for the kids. You can easily add this to their binder and have them fill it out every morning. (All of these sheets are binder friendly, as well as able to be used on their own.)

To use this sheet the child simple needs to locate the month and the day and color it with the correct color code according to the key. I found colored pencils worked best for this.

Click below to download the sheet.

Kids Attendance

Kids Attendance-page-001

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The next sheet is a calendar blank.

I liked for my kids to fill this out on their own. There are multiple ways you could use it. Here’s a few ideas:

  1. Have the child(ren) fill it out on a daily basis. Add the month and weekdays at the beginning of the month, then fill in the dates and any important information (Holidays, Birthdays, etc.) as you go.
  2. Fill it out in advance. At the beginning of the month have the child(ren) fill out the entire calendar including holidays, birthdays, etc.
  3. Fill it out on a weekly basis. Start each week off blank and have the child(ren) fill it in one week at a time adding holidays and birthdays that are only included in that week.

Click the link below to download.

Kids School Calendar

Kids School Calendar-page-001

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Last, I have some weather graphing worksheets.

The Weather Graph is numbered on the side and has things such as sunny, rain, storms, cloudy, snow, and wind. The child(ren) will observe the weather and color in one square directly above their observation.

The Record the Temperature sheet has the days of the month in the first column (starts at the bottom). The next column is THT (Today’s High Temperature), there they record the high temp for the day (I had my kids use a weather app to locate this). Next, they make an observation of whether that temperature is hot, warm, cool, cold, or freezing and color in the square that is above their observation and across from the date.

The Weather Conclusion is a sheet of questions about their observations of the last month of weather. It asks questions about how many days of a certain type of weather there was and asks them to make a prediction about the following months weather.

Click the link to download Weather.

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I'm a 30 year old stay at home mom of 4. I have been homeschooling for about 2 years now, and am a 2nd generation homeschooler. My oldest 2 children attended public school before we started homeschooling. I am a compulsive organizer and cleaner. I HATE clutter and crumbs! I also love to craft and come up with fun ideas to do as a family! Before staying at home I ran a daycare, then was the bar manager of a members only club. So not only do I have a background with children, besides my own, but I have a background with childhood education and a background in business and financial management.

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