7 Tips to Help You Get Organized

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I’ve mentioned a few times before that I am slightly obsessed with keeping things organized. I actually had planned on becoming a professional organizer at one point in time, but things didn’t work out that way. So here I am just organizing and reorganizing my own things. Hehehe.

I was thinking the other day though that with all of this knowledge maybe I should spread the love and help some of you out. (For free of course, being that I am NOT a pro like I had planned.)

Without further ado, here are some tips to help you get organized.

Tip #1: One room at a time.

It can be really tempting to dive into your whole house at once, but don’t do it. It WILL overwhelm you and leave you right back were you started… unorganized and overwhelmed.

I suggest picking a room with only a little amount of organization needed, such as a bathroom or laundry room. This way you can get some practice organizing and you aren’t feeling defeated when don’t get as much accomplished as you would have liked to.

Tip #2: Once you have the first area done, and an idea of about how long it took you, make a schedule and a deadline.

It helps to have a end goal in mind when it comes to things like this. If you have the mindset that you will never get organized, you won’t.

To make a schedule and goal you can pick a certain days you are willing to tackle certain areas, and times of day that work best for you. Tell yourself “I want to have “this area” organized by “this day” and write it down as your goal.

Give yourself ample time to complete each task. Small rooms can take a few hours, where as a bedroom, kitchen, or living room could take a whole day or two.

I suggest you also give yourself a break if it seems overwhelming, anywhere from a few hours between tasks to a few days, depending on how you feel about it. BUT don’t just quit! Allow yourself the time to process and then get back to it.

Tip #3: Don’t leave the room to put things away, just make a pile of things that don’t belong. (A laundry basket helps with this.)

If you are anything like me you can leave a room to put something away, only to find yourself 20 minutes later finishing up a completely different task and having to try to remember what it was that you were doing in the first place.

So, skip leaving the room. If you find something that doesn’t belong, throw it in a pile or basket and put it away later when you are done.

Tip #4: Sort before getting any “organizing solutions”, such as containers.

First, you need to take into account the amount of each like item you have.

You can do this by taking everything and laying it out in front of you. Look at each item and decide where it needs to be.

For example: I am trying to organize my bathroom and I’ve just opened my makeup drawer. I pull everything out. After sorting I realize that I have 5 eye shadow palettes, 2 eyeliners, 1 mascara, 2 blushes, 1 concealer, and 1 face lotion. If I don’t have a lot of storage and need room in my drawer for other things I could put everything into a cosmetics bag or drawer container. Or if I have a little more room, I could separate everything with small drawer dividers, putting the eye shadows in one section, the eye liners and mascara in another, the blushes in another, and the concealer and face lotion in another.

Sorting before getting any “organizers” helps you understand exactly what you need vs getting and realizing it won’t work.

Tip #5: Invest in a label maker (Or just some labels that you can write on).

Having things labeled works as an organizational tool in two ways.

1) For knowing what is inside. 2) For knowing what to put inside.

Examples: If I have a bucket sitting on the shelf of my pantry and it says “Apples”. For 1 I will know that inside there are apples and 2 I know that when I am putting away groceries, that is where the apples go. Get it?

Tip #6: Seriously, get rid of the things you have no use for.

OK, I will admit that I have the tendency to hoard things (like egg cartons and baby food containers) BUT, I have a place for them AND a use for them.

Check out these posts:

27 Ways to Reuse Baby Food Containers

19 Awesome Things To Do With Your Trash

Using my example about the make up above; I had 5 eye shadow palettes. Out of the 5, I used 3 on a regular basis, 1 maybe once a month, and the other rarely. I would then decided if I really needed to keep the 4th and 5th palettes.

Tip #7: Have a random stuff drawer or basket.

After you have everything organized how you like it, I suggest having an area where you “dump” stuff. This can be a drawer or a basket that sits on your counter.  Any small items that you pick up during the week can be thrown in here (when you just don’t have time to put it away). Then one day a week (any day you choose) you clean it out and put everything away.

I am also working on area specific organizing posts so don’t forget to check back.

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