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Homeschool| History of Technology: Workbook 5

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Okay guys, here it is FINALLY! This one took me a little longer because I have so much other stuff going on with planning school. For the 5th workbook I have done:

The History of Gaming Devices

I can honestly say that I have played a device from every one of the generations included in this workbook. From the Atari to the SNES to the Xbox. Haha. This workbook covers all of the generations from the 1st to the current (8th generation). You can purchase your copy for only $5 by clicking the link below the picture. It will take you to my Teachers Pay Teachers page.


Click here to go to TPT and purchase your copy of The History of Gaming Devices.

You can get the other workbooks by going to the posts below:

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This is the last workbook that I plan on doing for now, but if you’d like to see more I’d love to hear your suggestions. (If I choose to make the workbook, you will get it for FREE!) You can leave your suggestions in the comments section. Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to share and pin!!


History of Tech 5 Pin Image



Hi! I'm Tawni! Stay at home mommy to 4 kids. I am an organization and cleaning-aholic. I love to create, especially digital resources to use in our homeschool and other areas of our home.

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