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I will be starting preschool with my 3 year old this year.

I am so excited. I used to teach preschool when I ran my daycare, but I used a set curriculum with only a few added ideas. It was fun, but I am even more excited to have made up my own curriculum (with lots of awesome free resources I’ve discovered online) for my daughter this year.

I put together alphabet manipulative bags.

In each bag is a variety of objects related to each letter of the alphabet. Along with some items that are different, most of them are the same and include a little envelope full of stickers of each letter.

When I first came up with the idea of putting the stickers in the bags I didn’t really think it through, but then my husband asked a pretty good question. “What is she going to do with the stickers?” Uh, yeah…. I don’t know. This was something I needed to figure out because, well, my 3 year old would come up with somewhere to stick them and I most likely would NOT appreciate it.

I thought maybe I’d just give her a piece of paper every time we opened a new bag and she could use it for the stickers. But after more thought I decided I didn’t need a bunch more random papers floating around.  That’s when I thought of the ABC sticker book.

Now she has somewhere to put the stickers (not all over the wall) and they will be kept neat and organized in her binder. You can download your free copy below.

Unfortunately, after cutting I realized that it is a little large to try to staple so I ended up having to bind hers. Here’s some ways you could bind it if you don’t have a binding machine:

  • Punch holes and use loose leaf binder rings
  • Punch holes and put in a small binder
  • Punch several small holes and thread with yarn or string
  • You could also just split the book up into sections and staple each section

Download your free sticker book here:

ABC Sticker Book

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ABC Sticker Book Pin Image

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