Fib Charts: A Simple Solution for Lying

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My kids are usually pretty honest. Like, so honest it can be embarrassing at times.

Occasionally though, they will lie. Small lies are something we talk about. We ask questions like why did you lie about this? Big lies are something we don’t take kindly to, such as lying about where you were, or how someone got hurt, or theft (these lies are handled differently, and result in much bigger consequences than what I’ve outlined below.)

Small lies become big lies when it’s repetitive.

If my child is repeatedly lying to me about the same things, say I asked if they brushed their teeth, they say yes, but when checked it’s very obvious that they didn’t. Once is a talking to, but if it’s happening repeatedly it becomes a big lie.

Another way that small lies can become big lies is when it’s over obvious or silly things, like when I ask why someone didn’t put their shoes away, and they say they did, but the shoes are sitting right in front of me, not put away.

The “silly” lying got bad in my house at one point (for one of my kiddos), and it didn’t matter how much I talked it was a “falls on deaf ears” scenario.

So, I made the Fib Chart.

I took away an item that was really liked (electronics) and I told him when he could be honest for 1 whole week he could have them back. It took him a little over a week but he finally was able to keep from lying and earn his games back.

Now, most of the time, with the threat of the Fib Chart looming over their heads my kids are less inclined to lie.

It is a simple system.

There is space for up to 5 weeks of tracking. At the end of each day you (or your child) can mark a checkmark (if they lied) or a star (if they didn’t lie). Whenever they get the predetermined number of stars in a row they get their privilege back.

You can download the Fib Chart below.

Fib Chart-page-001Click HERE to download.

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Fib Chart Pin Image

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