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Free Thankful Turkey Printable

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I’ve got a fun project for the kiddos this week. It’s a Thankful Turkey! A Thankful Turkey is a craft AND a fun way to teach the kids about being thankful.

We will be starting this craft the beginning of November as the way I plan to do it takes about a week.

Each day I will have my kids take a feather and write something they are thankful for. I think waiting will give them the opportunity to really ponder and figure out what they are truly thankful for.(I am hopeful this will eliminate answers like “sticky tack” or “my electronics”. I mean, yes those are things to be thankful for, I love sticky tack, but I’m hoping that they can come up with some more meaningful things.)  You could, however, do it all in one day if you’d like.

On the 8th day we will put together our turkeys and hang them on the wall. : )

Snag your free Thankful Turkey Project by clicking the link below the picture!

Click to download: Thankful Turkey Craft

Have fun and thanks for reading!

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Turkey Pin Image



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