Using Water Logs for Kids -Free Printable

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Have you ever wondered if your kids are drinking enough water? Are your kids like mine used to be where they would drink anything and everything before they would pick up a glass of water? Ugh! Talk about frustrating. Luckily my 3 year old isn’t that way (she actually LOVES water), but for my boys it was everything I could do to not hold them down and force them to drink it.

At first, I didn’t really think it was that big of a deal, they drank milk and juice, and the occasional soda, but rarely water came into play.

Then it came down to them wanting soda ALL OF THE TIME. They would ask for a soda at lunch, at snack, at dinner. It got me thinking… this is NOT healthy!

So… I implemented a new rule. 6 glasses or bottles of water per day in order to get a sugary drink such as juice or soda.

It worked for a little bit, but soon they resorted to fibbing in order to be able to get the sugary drink. That’s mostly my fault as I didn’t think I needed to keep track. I learned my lesson. So, like usual when I run into problems like this, I made a printable.

My solution was Water Logs. For every glass of water they drink I mark it on their chart. There are a few rules to go along with this such as:

  1. Every glass of water must be shown to a parent and the parent must be aware, no telling the parent when they are otherwise occupied.
  2. No chugging the water just to get a sugary drink.
  3. You may have your drink with lunch or dinner only and you must have drank all of your water to have it.
  4. Just because you have a drink with lunch doesn’t mean you should quit drinking water the rest of the day.

The way we work it is like so:

3 before lunch, 3 before dinner – They may have a sugary drink with lunch as long as they drank all 3 glasses of water the afternoon before and before lunch. This is to help eliminate them not finishing the days water. They may have a sugary drink with dinner as long as they have drank all of their water for the day. BUT they only get 1 choice. Lunch or dinner.

I revamped my printable a little bit to work for most situations. You can print and cut it out to use as is OR you can print it on cardstock, laminate it, and use a dry erase or washable marker with it for less waste and more durability.

To download click the link below the image.

Water Log-updated-page-001

Kids Water Log– Download Link

I hope you find this printable useful. Thanks for stopping by!


Water Logs Pin Image

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