Free Printable Color Wheel

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This week I made a Color Wheel for my daughter to use to practice her colors and figured I’d share.

The color wheel is set up as a spinner style sheet. You cut off the bottom at the dotted line, cut out the arrow, and attach it to the wheel using a brad. (Keeping the rest of the sheet intact.)

You can laminate and mount the wheel to a file folder, clipboard, or a piece of cardboard to help it withstand use.

Your child can then use the wheel to practice colors by…

  • naming the color the arrow lands on.
  • finding objects that match the color the arrow lands on.
  • circling pictures on a worksheet that match the color the arrow lands on.
  • cutting out pictures that match the color the arrow lands on.
  • graphing by sorting with objects that match the color the arrow lands on, such as colored counting bears.
  • graphing by coloring in parts of a chart or picture using the color that that arrow lands on.

To download your free Color Wheel, click the link below the picture.

My Color Wheel-page-001

My Color Wheel– Download Link


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