Christmas Countdown and Movie Bucket List

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So this week I decided to do something a little different since it’s getting close to Christmas. I’m positive you are going to LOVE this set of printables.

The first printable I have for you is a Christmas Countdown.  Check it out.

Also included in the download is a Christmas Movie Bucket List.

For both of these printables I purchased inexpensive (around $1.30 at Walmart) document frames in 8×11.5 inches. I had to stuff them in causing the edges to curl up slightly, but it didn’t affect the way the print looked once the back was put on. 

I filled out the movie list prior to putting it in the frame, with room to add movies later on. (I am so glad I did this, because we actually found a few new movies this year that I will add later since we’ve already watched them.)

To write on the glass of the frame I use a dry erase marker, it doesn’t leave any marks and wipes off easily with a dry paper towel or rag.

You can download these printables by clicking the link below:

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