Free Printable Weather Wheel

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Weather…. That’s always a fun subject to teach young children.

My daughter is fascinated by it so, I am constantly talking to her about the changes in the weather.

I created this weather wheel for her so she could observe the weather each day and show me. (Fun, right?!)

There are multiple ways you could use this printable, such as:

  • Using it like I mentioned above, have your child use the weather wheel for their own observation then have them tell you about it. Why they think the weather is the type they selected on their wheel? What makes it so? What kind of things can you do on days when the weather is (sunny, snowing, windy, etc.)?
  • Use it with a daily calendar.
  • Use it to teach all of the different types of weather at one time.
  • Have your child find each type of weather by name.
  • Have your child find each type of weather by describing the picture that represents it.
  • Observe and record.

You could probably think of a few more ways to use it! I do suggest printing on cardstock for durability though.

Check it out and click the link below the picture to download.

>Download your free printable Weather Wheel!<

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