Valentine’s Day Freebie for Kids

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If you are like me you might forget that Valentine’s Day is even a holiday until one of your kids says to you the day before, “Hey mom, what are we doin’ for Valentine’s Day?” Then it’s a last minute scramble to put SOMETHING together for them. AND even as crafty as I might be I usually end up giving them a hand written note and a 97 cent box of chocolates from Walgreens while they are left to create their own valentines for each other and family…. Ugh. 

I made a resolution this year that I would at least try to create something for them to give to each other, family, and friends. (Even if they are left with the handwritten note and chocolates from me…)

These printables are not exactly what I have created for my kiddos, but I figured while I was at it, I might as well create something fun for the blog.

So, today I have for you a cute set of printable Valentine’s Day Cards. There are 2 sets, but each set has 4 background options and a plain white background option (for those of you that don’t have Instant Ink). After each color option is the corresponding back so you will need to print double sided or flip and print (whichever your printer can do… mine is flip and print, can you say AN-NOY-ING?).

I suggest printing on cardstock so they will hold up.

Check them out and download them below the pictures.   

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As Always, Thanks for stopping by!

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