Free and Inexpensive Planner Ideas and Tips

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This week I am going to share some great free and inexpenisve planner ideas and tips. I will be including links to all of my FREE planning pages along with giving you some useful ideas for other planner type systems and ways to use them.

  • Notebooks: Notebooks are awesome! I am currently using a notebook for my to-do lists. I actually have a printed daily, weekly, and monthly checklist I use along with this but, I use the notebook for anything extra that I need to do. They are great because you can decorate it how you want and change it up when you need to.
  • Small Binders with Loose Leaf or Grid Paper: This works like the notebook method above. I love grid paper, it IS more expensive than regular loose leaf, but I think it makes my handwriting look so much neater. The great thing about binders is that you can use dividers to make sections. Some section suggestions: Daily, Monthly, Weekly, Calendar, Exercise Log, Meal Planner, etc.
  • Small Binders with FREE printable planning pages, calendars, etc. Again binder make a great planner, because you can make sections using dividers. You can also change up the sections if you need to by simply rearranging, removing, or remarking your dividers.
  • Clipboards with Loose Leaf or Grid Paper: Clipboards are nice if you have the space to keep them. I like the fact that you can individualize them. One for your dailies, one for your weeklies, one for meal planning, etc. A nice way to keep these organized is a central (or designated) location and Command Hooks! (I swear by these hooks, they are awesome!)
  • Clipboards with FREE printable planning pages. Check out the suggestions I mentioned above for clipboards.

Check out these awesome free planning printables!

These are links, click on them and you can save them to your computer to print later.

The following printables are from the Getting YOU in Order Series:

I hope you enjoy all of these ideas, tips, and freebies for your free or inexpensive planner! Don’t forget to check out all of the other free printables around the blog. If you are looking for more household specific tips or printables you can find them here.

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