Tips for Keeping Your Notes Organzied

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If you are anything like me you jot down a thousand notes per day. I can tell you right now that at any point in time if you looked at my desk you’d see sticky note after sticky note stuck to my desk, computer stand, the wall, the list could go on.

And so it seems that whenever I need to find a specific note I can’t seem to locate it…. Hmm.

So, I’ve come up with a few possible solutions to fight my note problem that I thought I’d share with you as well. (Along with a free printable. Hint: It’s at the end.)

Coupon File

With a coupon file you can take your daily notes and file them into categories. You could label each section in your coupon file to a category that fits your life. Things such as household notes, calls to make, school notes, password changes, notes about kids, notes for kids, shopping lists, etc. could all be great categories for this type of system. You could then pick a day of the week to sort through the notes, make important phone calls, change the passwords on your log, create your shopping lists, and write your to do lists. So much easier than trying to locate that one note that you know you wrote about needing to call “someone about something…”

Index Cards and File

Another idea that fits into the same kind of system would be an index file and index cards. You could get the index card dividers as well to make it that much easier. Simply use this system like the coupon file above, maybe having a pile of index cards close at hand and filing them as you write your notes.

Notebook or Notepad ( OR A FREE NOTE PAGES PACK!!)

Having a specific notebook or notepad to keep all of your notes on is another idea. With this you could simply jot your notes down on the same page throughout the day. To make it more organized you could start the day by writing headers for each category you may need to take notes in that day and only write in that section for those specific notes. Also make sure to date it so you know when you took the notes.


A corkboard is always an option. However, I find that using a corkboard doesn’t nessecarily make things more organized. Sure everything is off the desk and computer or NOT stuffed into notebooks somewhere, but you still have to sort through them to locate specific notes. A way to combat this problem may be to make sections on your corkboard. You can use washie tape to define sections and tack some headers to each section. Then only put notes in the specific category. Choose a day of the week to sort through it and your good to go.

So, with all of that, I have a great free printable notes page pack for you. I can’t let you go without a FREEBIE!

This 25 page pack has:

  • 5 Style Options (3 Full Page and 2 Half Page)
  • 5 Color Options (Green, Pink, Purple, Blue, and Black)
  • Blank section headers and defined spaces for each category.

A few suggestions:

You could print out several copies of your chosen page or pages and staple them together to make your own note pad OR punch some holes and put them in a binder.

Check them out in the pictures below then click the link below the pics to snag them!

Click the link below to go to the download and save them to your computer.

If you are looking for more freebies you can take a look around the blog.

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Thanks for stopping by!!

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