Free Kindness Kit for 9-12 Year Olds

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Do you have a 9-12 year old that struggles with the concept of kindness?

Then this printable Kindness Kit is for you!

Teaching your child to be kind can be difficult, especially when the world is full of people who are anything but. We tend to run into unkind people on a daily basis and that reflects on our children. Despite this fact, most of us would like our children to learn to be kind hearted people no matter how others treat us, which is why I made this kit.

The printable pack includes:

  • Information Page
  • 3 motivational posters – each with 3 background options to choose from.
  • Writing Prompts (in a “what do you do?” format) with scenarios for the store, with friends, and at home.
  • Blank Writing Prompt Writing Page
  • 2 Paragraph pages- where your child(ren) can reflect on what being kind means and things they can do that are kind.
  • 2 pages of Kindness Cards (10 prefilled cards and 2 blank) – to use with your child(ren), giving them the opportunity to use acts of kindness each day.

Check out the images below to see some of what you will be getting then snag the full pack by clicking the link below the images.

Grab your FREE printable Kindness Kit by clicking the link below.

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Kindness Kit for 9-12 Year Olds Pin Image

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