About Me

Hi All! My name is Tawni. I am a 30 year old mother of 4. Two boys and two girls. They are 11,9,3 and I had a baby in December of 2017. Getting big, I know!

I most recently reside in a small college town in southern Utah. We’ve moved around a bit in the last year. We originated from Wyoming and I would have gladly lived there for the rest of my life, but when my husband decided he wanted to pursue his dream of becoming a pilot we had to move. First we moved to another tiny town in Wyoming to be close to my mom for a time before moving again, but we were only there a few short months and mom had been traveling back and forth from her job in Utah to Wyoming just so she could spend time with us. Then my husband got a job on with the same company and was traveling as well, so we decided we needed to eliminate all of the traveling and we moved to Utah, about 4 and a half hours away from where we were intending to settle down for my husband to go to school. We lived in that town for about 4 months when we decided it wasn’t working for us and then moved, yet again, to a tiny little town about an hour away from that. We lived there, in a 27 foot camper, with 2 cats, 2 dogs, 3 kids (I was pregnant for most of it), and my parents popping in and out, for 6 months until it was time to move again. I could go on and on about living in a crowded camper, but I won’t, you’d get tired of reading. Ha. Anyways….

I love to craft, plan, and homeschool my 3 oldest wonderful children. I am hoping to be able to provide to you valuable information and resources for your home life. Everything from crafting, to homeschooling, to finances, and more will soon fill the pages of this blog.