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Establishing Routines for Children

Routines are important, especially for children. Check out this post to help you get one set up for your kids.


A Free Tool for Remembering Your Child’s Consequences

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, it seems like you just can't remember things that you need to. Don't let your child's consequences be one of those things. You'll be sure to remember with this free tool.


A Simple Way to Make Your Kids Money Responsible

Is your child always asking for things? Does he think money grows on trees? Here is a simple way to teach your child about how money actually works.

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Sunday Funday: Family Idea 1

#1 in the Sunday Funday Family Idea Series. A series based on fun ideas for the family to do on Sundays... Or any day of the week.

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Why I Think Chores Are Important (Plus some ideas and freebies to help you implement chores in your home)

Chores... some people like them, some people hate them. I personally like them and here's why. Along with some awesome ideas and freebies!


Potty Training…Why Sometimes You Just Have to Give Up

Potty training can either be a breeze, or tough for everyone. With my most recent venture I discovered that sometimes you just have to let it go.