A Simple Way to Make Your Kids Money Responsible

Is your child always asking for things? Does he think money grows on trees? Here is a simple way to teach your child about how money actually works.


Keep Your Home in Order with a Home Management Binder

Do you ever forget that important password? Or you need an account number but can't find the bill? A home management binder can help. Check out this post with ideas on what to put in it and how to set one up.

Household · Kids

Why I Think Chores Are Important (Plus some ideas and freebies to help you implement chores in your home)

Chores... some people like them, some people hate them. I personally like them and here's why. Along with some awesome ideas and freebies!


Meal Planning (with free weekly menu planner)

Meal planning just got easier. With these tips and free weekly menu planner you're sure to save some time and money!